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Trespa Toilet Cubicles

12.5mm CGL Panels with 10-Year Guarantee 

We manufacture bespoke toilet cubicles and partitions in Trespa. Visit our main site at Trespa Toilet Cubicles (under our UK Cubicles brand) for more information. Trespa is an ideal material to create toilet and shower cubicles from. 


Some of Trespa's properties are:

  • 10 Year Guarantee 

  • Anti-vandal

  • Class O fire rated 

  • Impervious to water or moisture

  • Non-odour absorbent

  • Will not harbour any biological growth

  • Very easy to maintain and clean 

  • Most graffiti removable with detergents 

  • Environmentally friendly (due to the long life of the product plus being constructed from natural & recyclable products)

Trespa no longer produces a 12mm panel for cubicles therefore we use the closest possible material, which is called BioCarbon.

This product is a match for Trespa and also has extra features, such as:

  • Moisture Resistant 

  • Fire Retardancy comes as standard to EN13501-1 and ASTM84.

  • Fire Rating (B-s1,d0) as standard

  • Carbon Neutral Footprint

  • Anti-Bacterial Protection

  • Anti-Microbial Protection

To receive a quote send us a rough drawing of your layout or simply tell us how many doors and partitions you require along with a delivery postcode. We generally turn quotes around in 24 hours. If the quote progress to order we will create a drawing for approval. This ensures all the details, dimensions, colours etc are correct. We won't start the manufacturing process until this drawing is checked and signed off. 

In regards to the finished product, we send the toilet cubicles to the site ready to install. All the cutting and drilling are done here at our workshop. This reduces the creation of dust and dirt on site as well as your time. We will send an installation guide and we are always available over the phone should you require some extra information.

All Things Trespa specialise in fabricating Trespa worktops to your measurements. We supply Trespa TopLab ​BASE and Trespa TopLab PLUS as full sheets or as fabricated panels cut to size and finished as required. 16mm Trespa BASE is the most commonly used scientific worktop in the UK and is covered by a 10 warranty however typical lifespan is 25+ years.

To receive a quote either email us your enquiry with a rough sketch to or call 01535 602141. Speak to the experts today. 

Benefits of using our service:

  • Not cutting or carving on site, saving you time on site

  • Reduces dust and mess (Trespa panels create a lot of mess when fabricated)

  • Stops any damage to your tools 

  • Reduce potential mishaps (Trespa is an unforgiving material. Mistakes are tricky to fix on site)


If the requirement is supplied only, we will send you installation instructions. Also, we are available on the phone if advice is required.

childrens toddler trespa toilet cubicles green cgl.JPG
trespa toilet cubicle in grey and lavender
Trespa Toilet Cubicle Layout.JPG
blue and grey trespa toilet cubicles
Red Pink trespa Toilet Cubicles CGL
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